About us


Are you in a dilemma on how to start your project on Commercial Production of Organic Native Chicken? We are the Philippine Native Chicken, a research station that specializes in conducting studies on the development of packages of technology (POT) for the commercial production of local chicken in the country. These technologies are also feasible in other tropical countries of the globe. The Philippine Native Chicken is based at Central Philippine University (CPU) in Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines. We are under the Colleges of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences (CARES). CPU is one of the premier universities in the Philippines and Asia. Likewise, the CARES is one of the Centers for Excellence for Agricultural Education in the Country.  Want to know more about Central Philippine University, please click here.

How we started?

The CPU Research Station for Philippine Native Chicken Started on December 23, 2012. The study entitled "Formulation and Distribution of Supplemental Feeds for Free-Range Native Chicken in Western Visayas" was the start-up research project to establish this station. It was a research program's component project on the "Development of Sustainable Darag Native Chicken Production System as Climate Change Adaptation Options for the Poultry Industry in Western Visayas." The goal of this component project was to formulate and distribute supplemental feeds intended for the local fowl of the region. Since then, many studies have been conducted that made the Philippine Native Chicken a one-to-stop shop for raisers and processors in the present time.  


In 2022, the CPU Research Station for Philippine Native Chicken will expand the horizon through globalization. It is because of the overwhelming support of raisers from other countries who keep following and seeking guidance from our Facebook Page. The opportunity for Central Philippine University to prove its mission as "responsive to the needs of people." Thus, https://phlnativechicken.com is established as technical support for raisers dedicated to raising the local fowl commercially.

The Philippine Native Chicken Beyond Expectations. . .