Be contented no more in just establishing your native chicken breeding farm. Always remember that one way for the raisers to stay longer on their farm is when they found it pleasing in their eyes. The longer they stay on their farm, the more ideas will be poured into developing something to make the area more productive. It is in this sense that art should be considered. The concept of integrating the artistic point of view in establishing your farm is making it more attractive to you and possibly for others as well. The integration can be in terms of the layout, planting ornamentals, watchtower, or something that could relax when you are on the farm. There is an unlimited idea on this. You may consult a farmscaper or the e-media platform for more designs.


How about Science? The housing design and the distances between it are where the concept of science enters. The final designs of the housing for native chicken here at CPU Research Station are final and can be adopted by raisers who are serious enough to engage in commercial production of our local chickens. These designs considered ventilation as a key factor in minimizing or not totally controlling the occurrences of infections. The positioning and the automation of operating the lighting and drinking systems help to minimize the engagement of personnel. It is to ease the operations of the project. The roofing materials allow for sunlight to enter the housing. The presence of rice hulls as litter materials controls the odor and fly infestation.


Wondering about business? Nothing to worry about. The design and materials used in the housing might be expensive to look at a glance, but the benefits derived from it are worth considering. It will last for over 10 years. The brooder-grower combination housing enables a limited area to be loaded with a justifiable number of chickens. This means that it reduces the cost, particularly the depreciation, making the final products more affordable to buyers. As the number of patrons increases, the profit also intensifies.