The CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken, CPU Research Center for Product Development, and CPU Technology Business Centers are dedicated to fostering innovation in higher education. They constantly seek to bring about transformative changes in their fields by conducting groundbreaking research, developing new products, and promoting entrepreneurship. These centers play a crucial role in Central Philippine University's mission to cater to the holistic development of individuals and contribute to global advancements. By integrating the fundamental pillars of higher educational institutions, they strive to achieve the university's vision and meet the demands of the ever-changing world. Moreover, these centers align their efforts with the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. They recognize the importance of addressing global issues and actively contribute to achieving these goals through their research and initiatives.


These centers work together to establish a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, encourages innovation, and promotes practical application. By pooling our knowledge, resources, and expertise, they provide a platform for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and positively impact society. Through combined efforts, our aim to equip individuals with the necessary skills and tools to address real-world challenges and seize opportunities for growth and development could easily be attained.


Central Philippine University's centers are exceptional in merging the essential components of higher education institutions with a focus on addressing worldwide challenges. Our dedication to innovation and sustainable growth has led to significant contributions to higher education, which drives the university towards its ultimate goal. The centers' unparalleled ability to blend academic excellence with real-world issues sets them apart and makes them a unique asset to the university.

The Central Philippine University College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences is recognized as the "Center of Excellence" for Agricultural Education by the Commission on Higher Education. We were tasked with developing a curriculum that aligns with the priority commodity of Western Visayas.


After four years of work, CPU created a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Program with a unique micro-specialization in the Commercial Production of Native Chicken. This curriculum is the first of its kind in the country and incorporates findings from various research studies. 


By integrating research outcomes into the curriculum, the CPU ensures that students have the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in agriculture. This approach improves the quality of education and bridges the gap between academia and practical applications in the agricultural industry. 


The CPU-CARES has set a remarkable precedent in Agricultural Education. Our commitment to innovation and excellence benefits both students and the agricultural sector as a whole. To access the full report, you can just click it HERE or the book icon on the right. 

The College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences, located at the Central Philippine University, has recently been granted Level III Accreditation by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP). This accreditation was awarded in recognition of the College's remarkable achievements in the fields of Instruction, Research, Extension, and Production. The College houses the Research Centers for Philippine Native Chicken and Product Development, which further adds to the prestige of this institution. To further solidify its reputation, the CPU Technology Business Center is also present within the College's premises.


These Research Centers have made significant contributions to developing technology packages for commercial production of native chicken. The only center that focuses specifically on the supply and value chain of this local fowl stands out from other research institutions in the country due to its involvement in technical and marketing support. Additionally, the participation of stakeholders in technology development has resulted in the establishment of practical production techniques.


In collaboration with its affiliated centers, the CPU-CARES is currently working towards expanding its reach beyond national borders to achieve a global presence. While this ambitious goal may present a challenge, the full support of the CPU administration and other stakeholders will make it feasible. This expansion will allow CARES to share its expertise and resources with a broader audience, thereby contributing to advancing education and research on a global scale.


The compiled reports can be accessed HERE or by clicking the icon on the left side.