At the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken, our team has been dedicated to developing innovative technology packages for the local fowl. Through extensive research and testing, we created a range of cutting-edge solutions specifically designed to improve the productivity and profitability of raisers. Our work focuses on providing comprehensive support services that cover the entire supply chain, ensuring that our technology reaches every corner of the globe. We are committed to revolutionizing how native chicken is raised and marketed. Trust us to be your partner in the success of your native chicken enterprise. The following are the innovative platforms where the extension undertakings are done. You can click the icon below for more information.

Introducing the Philippine Native Chicken, "PANGARAP KONG KABUHAYAN," a project that is making strides towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal of eliminating poverty in the country. This project aims to bring much-needed income to households by sharing production technologies. We have developed production technologies at the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken that are simple to use by people of all ages and backgrounds. Our support services ensure profitable production that will ultimately lead to an increase in household income. 


Not only does this project contribute towards reducing poverty, but it also aligns with the Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-Being goals. By providing healthy and nutritious native chicken products, we are promoting a well-balanced diet and improving the overall health of our communities. But that's not all—our marketing support services guarantee a steady income for our native chicken raisers. By empowering them with the tools and resources they need, we are creating a sustainable source of income for their households. Join us in our mission to positively impact Filipino families' lives through the production of Philippine native chicken. Together, we can achieve a brighter and more prosperous future for all.  

This extension undertaking of the CPU Philippine Native Chicken is a multifaceted one. It is a unique approach that provides benefits not only for our clients but also for the center. Our goal is to verify and implement developed technologies in the field, positively impacting our clients and the local poultry community. Through these extension activities, the center aims to spark new ideas and continuously improve our services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Furthermore, these efforts have established linkages between our center and clients, fostering a collaborative environment for mutual growth and development.


What sets our extension program apart is our mutual investment in its success. We believe in sharing the responsibility and reaping the benefits together rather than shouldering it alone. Join us on this journey towards progress and innovations in the poultry industry.