Over time, the use of synthetic compounds to prevent and control pathogens in chicken systems has resulted in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant genes (ARGs) and antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARBs). These bacteria can survive the effects of antibiotics, making it difficult to treat infections in chickens and humans who consume them. These resistant bacteria have also been linked to greater physical harm in treated fowl and increased expenses for the raiser, who must find alternative solutions to control the pathogens. This highlights the need for alternative methods to prevent and control pathogens in chicken systems that do not promote the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 


The Central Philippine University Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken has taken proactive measures to address the issue of pathogens affecting livestock, a concern that does not limit poultry. This esteemed institution has developed a range of technologies to aid raisers in providing optimal care for their livestock. These innovative solutions, including cost-effective fowl growth packages and the renowned CPU Phytomedicines, have proven highly effective in preventing and controlling pathogens in treated chickens. Furthermore, these phytomedicines bolster the immune systems of the treated chickens, enhancing their health and resilience.


Our center has meticulously researched and formulated feeds specifically designed to cater to the specific needs of fowl intended for gaming purposes. These feeds are enriched with a well-thought-out blend of plant extracts and natural forms of amino acids that have been carefully selected based on their proven efficacy in enhancing growth performance and boosting resistance to infections. Our supplemental rations are uniquely formulated to help develop muscles rather than fats, resulting in greater flexibility and strength among treated cockerels. The combination of natural plant extracts and amino acids in our feeds also plays a vital role in improving the birds' immune systems, making them less susceptible to common infections. We take pride in our feeds, which are manufactured under strict quality control measures to ensure that they meet the highest safety and efficacy standards. We aim to provide fowl breeders with a reliable and effective solution that ensures optimal growth performance and promotes their birds' overall health and well-being.

Establishing a family of high-quality breeder stocks within a flock is highly recommended for optimal breeding outcomes. This involves identifying and selecting individuals with desirable physical traits and performance records. The use of molecular methods to track their genetic makeup enhances the accuracy of selection, ensuring the best possible breeding outcomes. This approach also allows breeders to track the inheritance of specific traits and identify the most promising individuals for future breeding purposes. Overall, the integration of molecular techniques is a game-changer in achieving successful breeding outcomes and maintaining the genetic health of a flock.


Our cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the selection process, making it faster and more accurate than ever before. With our system, there is no room for error or guesswork. We are excited to offer an affordable package to breeders who have a passion for establishing their own flock. Our package includes everything you need to get started, from top-of-the-line equipment to expert guidance and support every step of the way. Let us help you turn your dream into a reality!

The standardized housing design commonly used for Philippine native chickens can be effortlessly adapted to suit fancy and game chickens as well. This makes it easier to maintain a record of the flock's lineage and monitor their growth and performance. By keeping a record of the phenotypic and genotypic traits of the breeder stocks, it becomes simpler to group them based on similarity. This can also lead to the deliberate establishment of offspring expected to perform better than their parental lines. Overall, this approach can help create and maintain higher-performing and more consistent flocks of chickens.


The housing design we're discussing here is not just about aesthetics. It's built with a purpose-to make cleaning a breeze, thereby significantly reducing the chances of diseases spreading. The design also takes into account the fact that flies can act as carriers of pathogens and uses its features to prevent the proliferation of flies. The use of rice hulls as litter further serves to minimize infections. The rice hulls can be replaced periodically with fresh ones to ensure maximum hygiene. Additionally, disinfection can be done by spraying bleach directly into the rice hull to kill any potential pathogens. This meticulous approach ensures that the housing design remains clean, safe, and healthy for the occupants, giving you, the poultry farmer, a sense of security and confidence in your flock's health.

An increase in the fertility of a flock can have far-reaching benefits, including higher egg-hatching rates during the breeding season. This translates into a larger number of chicks being produced, and a greater selection of superior stocks that can be used for a variety of purposes. To help achieve this, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the CPU Fertility Booster Emulsified Concentrate. This product contains powerful plant extracts that enhance the production of egg and sperm cells in the flock, thereby boosting their overall fertility rate. Furthermore, it also bolsters the immune systems of the breeder stocks, equipping them to better combat infections and ensuring a more robust and healthy flock overall. 


All you need is three to five drops of the CPU Fertility Booster Emulsified Concentrates for every kilo of CPU Breeder Feeds. Mix it homogenously and offer it to the chickens. For better results, offer it at least three times a week or every other day. Aside from the benefits, the continuous use of this phytomedicine helps absorb nuisance odors, keeping your farm refreshing. 

The CPU Feed for Breeder Stocks is a cutting-edge and highly effective solution, specifically formulated to enhance the reproductive performance of both hens and roosters within your flock. This innovative feed, composed of more than 15 carefully selected feedstuffs, each chosen for its unique properties that contribute to improving overall fertility and egg hatchability, is designed to deliver results. By leveraging a diverse array of ingredients, this feed aims to not only optimize palatability but also effectively manage the odor emissions from decomposing excreta, thereby creating a more hygienic environment for your breeder stocks. The CPU Breeder Feed is also enhanced with natural amino acids and phytogenic feed additives that have been carefully chosen to boost your breeder's immune systems and overall health. This makes them better able to fight off diseases and keep their reproductive performance at its best.


For optimal results, mixing this particular feed with finely chopped, high-quality grass is recommended. The feed should be given at a rate of 10% of the total daily feed requirement, and this feeding schedule should be followed at least three times a week. Each chicken should receive a feeding volume of 80 to 100 grams daily. It is advisable to split the feed into two portions, the first between 7:00 AM and 8:00 a.m. and the second between 3:00 PM and 4:00 p.m. 


Ensuring that the feeding troughs are thoroughly washed with a suitable cleaning agent and rinsed correctly is crucial to eliminate potential contaminants or residues. This practice is essential to maintaining the hygiene and safety of the feed. When dispensing the feed, it is best to carefully measure and provide only the required amount, considering the specific dietary needs of the animals. This approach minimizes feed spoilage and reduces the likelihood of microbial contamination, which can lead to health issues among the animals. Additionally, incorporating phytobiotics, which are natural plant-based compounds with antimicrobial properties, into the CPU Breeder Feed can effectively mitigate the potential proliferation of harmful pathogens. This proactive approach contributes to the overall health and well-being of the breeder stocks, ensuring optimal growth and productivity. 

Brooder age is the most delicate age for your native chicken.


The brooder age lasts for the first 30 days of rearing. Vaccinating the chicks right after harvesting them from the hatcher is recommended. You can use NCD B1B1, either intranasal or intra-ocular. The recommended dose is one drop per chick.


Better use the CPU Lemongrass Emulsified Concentrates at the rate of three drops per kilo of CPU Chick Booster Feed during the daytime and the CPU Garlic Emulsified Concentrate at night for the first week of age. It enhances the feed's palatability and improves the fowl's immune system. The use of these phytomedicines minimizes the proliferation of pathogens. Moreover, use the CPU Garlic EC only during the cooler part of the day. It is the partner of the CPU Fireless Brooding Technique.


On the second week of age, use the CPU Brooding Water Soluble Powder at the rate of one sachet for every four liters of fresh drinking water every other day. It helps to prevent the occurrence of infectious bronchitis and other pathogens during brooding. CPU Lemongrass EC on the feeds can also be used every other day. Same with the CPU Garlic EC, or better use it alternately. It can be done for MWF for the CPU Lemongrass EC and TThS for the CPU Garlic EC. The CPU Garlic Tea can be added to the list in the third to fourth weeks of age. It can be used alternately with the CPU Brooding Water Soluble Powder. There is no need to deworm the chicks when using the CPU Garlic Tea.


Before pouring the fresh rice hulls into the brooder pens as litter materials, have them winnowed to remove the dust. The recommended thickness is about three to five inches deep. Replace the rice hull every two weeks. Spray the pen with bleach (original formulation) at five to ten tablespoons for every 16 liters of water. It is to eliminate the small crawling insects, and the other effect is disinfection.

It is in the Starter Age when the incorporation of finely chopped green feed is encouraged


The use of phytomedicines at this age can be done alternately or when found necessary. The CPU Lemongrass and CPU Garlic Emulsified Concentrates can be offered every other day. The use of CPU Garlic Tea in drinking water is highly encouraged. The other phytomedicine that will be introduced is the CPU Vitahot Water Soluble Powder. It is enriched with garlic, calamari, and chili, which is a complete pack of vitamins, dewormers, and phytobiotics. This phytomedicine requires one sachet for every four liters of drinking water. It can be used alternately with CPU Garlic Tea. The use of emulsified concentrates in feeds is highly encouraged to prevent the proliferation of pathogens via the feeds. 


The chicks should be transferred to the grower pens when they reach five to six weeks of age. The rice hulls used as litter materials should be changed every three weeks. The depth can be eight to ten inches deep. It should be sprayed with bleach (in its original form) and the brooder pen to eliminate small crawling insects. The chicks will remain in the grower pen until they reach a marketable weight. 


When the chicks are transferred to the grower pen, it is also the right time to incorporate the finely chopped green feeds in the CPU Chick Starter Feed. The inclusion level ranges from 10 to 15% of the total rations. If the inclusion will be done daily, a lower rate is recommended. However, a higher rate is suggested if it is done every other day.


The cases of infection are lower at this age. It is recommended to monitor the consumption of feeds. The higher growth rate, which needs more feed, is expected to start at this age. The provision of lighting at night should always be considered. The stocking rate at the grower pen should be within 15 to 20 chicks for faster growth and less infections.

The grower age is the last stage of growing the native chicken for market


The grower's age usually lasts for 21 days before they are marketed. The ideal liveweight is 850 to 900 grams. On this weight, the free amino acids associated with distinctive taste are higher in concentration. The perfect feed for this age stage is the CPU Chick Grower Feed. It is enriched with natural ingredients that enhance the taste of the meat. 


However, CPU Garlic Emulsified Concentrate and CPU Lemongrass Emulsified Concentrate are strongly encouraged to further improve the meat's taste. Our study and experience with our raisers showed that dressed native chickens with such phytomedicines almost had uniform growth and excellent meat quality. Thus, use these products at two to three drops per kilo of CPU Chick Grower Feeds.


Adding finely chopped green feeds at a ratio of 10% proved to be highly beneficial for enhancing meat quality. Besides, it also resulted in a reduction in the cost of feed. These green feeds include kangkong, madre de agua, carabao grass, and other succulent plants. The feeding of these green feeds can be done either in the morning or afternoon.


In the context of selling chickens, marketing all the fowl of the same age is highly recommended. This is because studies have shown that retaining these chickens and feeding them until they attain marketable weight may entail more significant costs than the increase in live weight. The cost of feeding and maintaining these chickens for an extended period may be more than the additional weight they gain, which can lead to a lower profit margin. Thus, selling all the chickens of the same age is a more practical and cost-effective approach. This ensures that the raiser can maximize their profits while minimizing their costs.

After two to three months of rearing the chickens in carefully controlled conditions, they reach the point where they are ready to be released into the field. This allows them to develop the muscle strength and stamina required for strenuous activities. It is strongly advised that a thorough evaluation of the ranging areas be conducted to identify any potential pathogens. This assessment is not just a task but a responsibility that raisers hold toward the health of their flock. It is crucial for potentially controlling the proliferation of pathogens and preventing them from infecting the fowl that graze in these areas. This proactive approach can significantly contribute to the overall health and well-being of the chickens, a result that raisers can take pride in. To ensure that the chickens are healthy and thriving, it is not just essential but also inspiring to create a well-designed ranging yard. This yard allows the birds to engage in natural behaviors such as running, scratching, flying, roosting, and other activities contributing to their overall well-being. It's crucial to instill assertive yet intelligent behavior in the birds from a young age so that they can develop balanced and confident personalities as they mature. Therefore, carefully planning and landscaping the area to accommodate these needs is a critical first step in ensuring the optimal development of the chickens. 


The CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken is a cutting-edge facility that offers a wide range of services to support poultry farmers in effectively managing their stocks. Our advanced equipment and expert team enable us to provide personalized assistance in selecting the most suitable chicken breeds for your specific needs. Additionally, we offer comprehensive flock health management using natural phytomedicines, feeds, conduct thorough microbiological assessments of farm environments, and provide tailored support for vaccination programs. Our center is committed to equipping farmers with the tools and knowledge necessary to optimize the health and productivity of their poultry stocks. If you are interested in availing of our services, you may contact us at +63-033-330-7244.