Introducing Gallus Berde, the newest subsidiary company of the renowned Philippine Native Chicken brand. Unlike its sister company, Golden Sprout Inc., Gallus Berde is solely dedicated to marketing dressed native chicken to various market outlets. But that's not all; this innovative company also produces a range of processed native chicken products, conveniently available as frozen foods.


Gallus Berde goes above and beyond by providing additional services, such as transporting meat products from the point of slaughter to the market or processing area. With their state-of-the-art refrigerated van, customers can trust that their products will be delivered in optimal condition.


But Gallus Berde is about more than just marketing and production. It also has a mission to share its knowledge and technology with partner-raisers of Philippine Native Chicken. By extending technology packages, Gallus Berde helps to improve the industry as a whole.


Join us in supporting Gallus Berde, the leading pioneer in the marketing and production of Philippine Native Chicken. Taste the difference between quality and innovation with Gallus Berde.

Introducing PNC Dressed Chicken, the premium choice for those who appreciate the finest quality in their poultry. Our chicken is sourced from Philippine Native Chicken, ensuring the highest standards of taste and texture. But what sets PNC Dressed Chicken apart from the rest? It's all in the process. Our chickens are raised using advanced technology packages from the renowned CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken. This scientific breeding ensures that our chickens possess the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Our breed was developed with the needs of our raisers in mind, ensuring the best possible quality for our customers. We take a natural approach to keeping our chickens healthy, treating any infections with extracts of garlic cloves, lemongrass, ginger rhizomes, turmeric, and other natural ingredients.


Our chickens are raised with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that they produce meat that is not only tender and juicy, but also has a more distinctive taste compared to other chickens. We take pride in offering chickens that are not only flavorful but also consistent in terms of size and quality. This means that you can expect the same great taste in every cut, whether you're enjoying a drumstick or a breast. To ensure the utmost freshness and safety, our chickens are dressed in NMIS-certified plants. This indicates that they go through processing in facilities that adhere to the National Meat Inspection Service's strict standards, which include stringent hygiene and sanitation measures. Our chickens are also transported using NMIS-certified refrigerated vans, which maintain the ideal temperature to preserve the freshness and quality of the meat. 


Indulge in the best with PNC dressed chicken, the ultimate choice for those who savor quality. Satisfy your taste buds and experience the authentic flavor of Philippine Native Chicken. Don't miss out on this delectable treat!