Are you looking for guides to produce native chickens for the market? Look no further! Our comprehensive technology package is designed to produce native chicken for market purposes. This package includes everything you need to successfully process grown fowl into dressed native chickens. From brooding to growing, our techniques will be shared with you to ensure the best results. Our package also includes recommendations for feeds and phytomedicines to be used at specific ages, maximizing the health and productivity of your chickens. In addition, we will provide you with basic cultural management protocols to guide you in the growth and care of your native chickens. With our package, you will have all the tools and knowledge needed to grow your native chicken successfully and meet market demands.

Double-Tier Housing

The CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken came up with an innovative method called the "fireless brooding technique" way back in 2013. Utilizing fresh rice hulls as litter, this innovative method efficiently retains the heat that the chicks naturally generate. This not only helps regulate the temperature but also provides a comfortable environment for the chicks to grow and thrive. Overall, the fireless brooding technique is an excellent example of sustainable and eco-friendly native chicken-raising practices.


Double-tier housing is a new design that emerged from continuous development and contributions from various stakeholders. This design combines the brooding and growing of chicks within the same housing but in separate pens. The upper portion of the housing is designated for brooding purposes, while the lower pen is intended for growing. During the first thirty to forty days, the chicks are kept in the brooding pen, after which they are transferred to the lower pen until they reach a marketable weight of 850 to 900 grams. This innovative design provides a more efficient and practical solution for brooding and growing chicks in the poultry industry.

Feeding and Cultural Management of Growing Chicks

Introducing the revolutionary Fireless Brooding Technique—the cost-effective and efficient way to raise chicks from one to thirty days old. By adopting this technique, you can reduce your expenses by up to 80%, making it the perfect solution for farmers and poultry raisers. One of the critical features of the Fireless Brooding Technique is the provision of LED bulbs, which provide ample light for the chicks to feed even at night. This means you can now extend their feeding time, leading to healthier and stronger chicks. The use of rice hulls as litter materials is an integral component of this technology. 


But that's not all; remember to use our trusted partner, the CPU Garlic Emulsified Concentrate for optimum results. This powerful supplement works hand in hand with the Fireless Brooding Technique to ensure the health and growth of your chicks. Add three to five drops per kilo of CPU Chick Booster Feeds and see the difference it makes in your flock. At night or during the cooler parts of the day, we recommend using the CPU Garlic Emulsified Concentrate, while during the daytime, opt for the CPU Lemongrass Emulsified Concentrate. You can achieve the desired results for your chicks using these two products.


Remember, for the best outcome, the use of CPU products is highly recommended. So why wait? Try the Fireless Brooding Technique and our trusted supplements today, and give your chicks the best start in life. Your pocket and your flock will thank you.

Introducing the Ultimate Feeding Regime for Native Chicken!


Are you looking to raise native chickens in complete free-range conditions? Look no further! Our team at the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken has developed a specialized feeding regime that will ensure your chickens thrive in their natural environment.


If you want to ensure the optimal health and growth of your native chickens, it's crucial to rethink the traditional approach of providing unlimited feed. Our cutting-edge technology packages, designed meticulously at CPU, can revolutionize the way you raise chickens. Our research has demonstrated that our innovative solutions can help you achieve better results in terms of the chickens' health and development. By adopting our technology solutions, you can rest assured that your chickens will receive the best possible care, leading to a more profitable and sustainable operation.


During the first two weeks of their lives, your chicks will need to be fed in an ad libitum manner, which means you can provide them with as much feed as they want. This is because they require a lot of energy to grow and develop during this crucial period. However, once your chicks are past the two-week mark, it's important to switch to a controlled feeding method. This means giving them a specific amount of feed each day to ensure they are receiving the right balance of nutrients. By providing your chickens with a controlled feeding method, you can help them maintain a healthy weight, prevent over-fat deposition and other health problems, and ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need to thrive.


To help you with this, we have provided a handy photo on the other side that lists the average feed requirement per day for you to have a look at. We recommend feeding your chickens three times during the day and twice at night for optimal results.


Feeding chickens at night can be challenging due to the need for adequate lighting. It is recommended to install a light above the feeding area to facilitate the process. The light source's illumination will allow the chickens to continue feeding even in low light. This approach effectively ensures that the chickens receive their required nutrients, regardless of the time of day.


To ensure your native chickens are healthy and growing at their best, we suggest using CPU Feeds. Our feeds are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of native chickens, which are unique compared to other breeds. Our team of experts has formulated the feed to provide the ideal balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support optimal growth and development. With CPU Feeds, you can rest easy knowing that your chickens receive the best nutrition to thrive and produce high-quality meat and eggs.


Don't settle for subpar feeding methods. Trust in our proven regime and give your native chickens the best chance for success. Try the CPU Feeding Regime for Native Chickens today!