We are thrilled to announce the accomplishments of the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken. This state-of-the-art facility is exclusively dedicated to conducting research and developing technology packages for the commercial production of native chicken. As part of our commitment to revolutionize the local poultry industry, we are excited to introduce our latest breakthrough innovation: a cutting-edge housing design that is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of breeder stocks and grow-out production.


Our cutting-edge housing design is the pinnacle of innovation, combining the best of art, science, and business to revolutionize the way native chickens are raised. It is the result of years of research and development, with the goal of providing a practical and convenient solution for housing native chickens. Our design not only enhances production efficiency through its state-of-the-art features, but it also ensures that the chickens' survival rate is significantly higher than traditional methods. Additionally, our design allows for a shorter growing period, resulting in chickens reaching marketable weight much faster than their counterparts.


At CPU, we take great pride in our distinctive housing design, which sets us apart from others in the industry. Our housing system has been specifically developed to cater to the needs and requirements of the Philippine native chicken industry, and can only be found at our facility. Our housing design is the result of extensive research and development, and we are proud to have been the first to introduce this pioneering solution. We firmly believe that our innovative approach to housing will help to further solidify our position as leaders in the advancement of the Philippine native chicken industry. Our housing system has been designed with the welfare of the chickens in mind, ensuring that they are provided with the appropriate space, ventilation, and lighting. Additionally, our design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, which helps to promote a safe and healthy environment for the birds. 


We are committed to advancing the Philippine Native Chicken Industry through the development of innovative solutions, and our housing design is just one example of this commitment. Our goal is to continue to lead the way in the industry and to set a standard of excellence that others strive to achieve. Join us at the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken and be a part of this revolutionary development in poultry production. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our innovative housing design.

Introducing the Brooder-Grower House for Grow-Out Native Chicken Production, the innovative solution to convenient, practical, and cost-effective chicken farming.


Welcome to our Brooder-Grower House, where we have designed a state-of-the-art housing system to take your native chicken production to the next level. Our housing system boasts an intelligently designed brooder area that spans two feet in width and four feet in length, providing ample space for your chicks to grow and thrive. The four-foot-wide and eight-foot-long grower pen below offers plenty of space for your chickens to mature and roost comfortably. The total height from the ground to the top portion of the roof is seven feet. Our system is built to maximize the efficiency of your farm space. Each module includes two brooder pens and one grower pen, ensuring you get the most out of your land. With our Brooder-Grower House, you can be confident that your native chickens will be housed in a safe and comfortable environment, leading to healthier and more productive flocks.


The brooder pens can hold 10 to 15 chicks up to 30 days old, while the grower pen can accommodate up to 25 starter chicks aged 30 to 40 days old. By reducing the stocking to 10 chicks in the brooder and 20 starter-age chicks in the grower pen, you can significantly shorten the production period to 70 days. But that's not all. Our Brooder-Grower House is also designed to be cost-effective over its useful life years. The convenience and practicality it offers make it an intelligent investment for any native chicken farmer. Say goodbye to overcrowded and inefficient housing systems and switch to our Brooder-Grower House for a seamless and profitable chicken production experience.


Innovative, space-saving, and cost-effective, the Brooder-Grower House is the ultimate solution for your grow-out native chicken production. Upgrade your farming today and see the difference in your results.

Introducing the Breeder House for Day-Old Chick Production, the first-of-its-kind innovative housing for the hens and roosters of native chicken


This revolutionary house has been designed with the utmost care and attention to provide the best living conditions for your poultry. Our Breeder House is four feet wide and eight feet long, offering ample space for your chickens to move freely. The minimum height of seven feet ensures your birds have enough room to spread their wings and exercise.


We understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for your poultry, so each pen is equipped with an automated drinking water system and lighting. Our state-of-the-art system ensures that your birds have access to clean water at all times and are well-lit for optimal health and productivity. For your convenience, the feeding and watering troughs are actually located outside the housing. This makes refilling the feed and water easier and keeps the inside of the house clean and hygienic.


We know that proper lighting is crucial for the growth and development of your chickens. That's why each pen is equipped with three watts of LED bulbs that are automatically illuminated in the evening and turned off in the morning. This mimics natural lighting conditions and helps birds maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. The flooring of our Breeder House is made of plain soil, with a depth of almost one foot of fresh hulls as litter material. This provides a comfortable surface for your chickens to walk on and keeps the house clean and hygienic.


Our Breeder House does not have any nest boxes. Instead, the eggs laid by the hens are collected three times a day and stored at room temperature. This method helps to maintain optimal conditions for hatching the eggs. By investing in the Breeder House for Day-Old Chick Production, you can provide your native chickens with the best possible living environment. This will result in high-quality eggs and healthy day-old chicks. Your birds will thank you for it!