About the Journal

"Advances in Indigenous/Native Chicken Science" is a scholarly journal that focuses on cutting-edge research related to indigenous or native chicken breeds from all over the world. The journal offers a platform for scientists, researchers, and experts to share their in-depth knowledge and insights on breeding, genetics, nutrition, health, and management of these unique and valuable birds. The primary objective of the journal is to promote sustainable and innovative approaches to native chicken production and improve the livelihoods of people who rely on these fowls for food and income.


The journal aims to disseminate research studies focused on native chickens to inform the general public about the significance of local fowl in maintaining diverse genetic resources and its impact on the economic standard of living of chicken raisers. The contributions of these fowls are significant and are often overlooked. Therefore, the journal serves as a platform for researchers, policymakers, raisers, and the general public to stay informed about the latest advancements made by like-minded researchers worldwide. We cordially invite researchers to submit their original works to this journal and welcome those interested in serving as reviewers to visit the link provided. Through this journal, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the role of native chickens in the global agricultural industry.

Articles for Publication

The journal is currently accepting original and unpublished manuscripts that cover a wide range of topics related to indigenous or native chickens. These topics include the survey of utilizations, which explores the various ways in which these chickens are used, as well as molecular and phenotypic characterization, which examines their genetic makeup and physical characteristics.


Other areas of interest include breeding, with a focus on improving the quality and productivity of these chickens, as well as feeds and feeding, which looks at the types of alternative feedstuffs that are best suited for their growth and development. Flock health management is also a key area of interest, as it examines the various diseases and conditions that can affect these chickens and how they can be treated.


Behavioral investigations are another area of focus, as they explore the social and behavioral patterns of these chickens and how they interact with each other and their environment. Production techniques such as housing design are also of interest, as they play a key role in ensuring the health and well-being of these chickens.


In addition to original research, the journal also accepts reviews and short communications for publication, provided they follow the set guidelines. If you have valuable insights or research related to indigenous or native chickens, this is an excellent opportunity to share your findings with a wider audience.

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Accessibility to Readers

"Advances in Indigenous/Native Chicken Science" offers open-access and conventional publication options, depending on the author's preference. If the author chooses open access, interested readers can access the study for free, while traditional publishing in the journal remains an option. If you would like to obtain more comprehensive information regarding our Open Access policy, we recommend you visit our copyright page, where you can find all the relevant information.


It is highly recommended that authors make their studies open to the public, for this allows a broader audience to take advantage of their findings. By doing so, other researchers and interested parties can review, build on, and benefit from the author's work. To facilitate this process, there is a fee for publishing, which is kept at an affordable rate and is used to cover the cost of processing and publishing accepted papers. It is important to note that payment should only be made if the submitted articles are accepted for publication, so that authors do not incur unnecessary costs.