The History


The conceptualization of the logo for Philippine Native Chicken started when the Central Philippine University started its engagement in the commercial production of Philippine Native Chicken on December 23, 2011. It was during this time that the CPU Administration officially shared its counterpart fund for the implementation of the research program on "Development of Sustainable Native Chicken Production System as a Climate-Change Adaptation Option for the Poultry Industry in Western Visayas," where the CPU was tasked with "Formulation and Distribution of Supplemental Concentrate Feeds for Free-Range Native Chicken." The engagement of CPU on the assigned research project was made possible through the mentorship of Dr. Edwin C. Villar and Dr. Synan S. Baguio of the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD). Since then, the CPU's commitment to developing technology packages for the commercial production of Philippine native chicken has been institutionalized. 


To legitimize and brand the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken, the Facebook Page on Philippine Native Chicken was established on May 10, 2014, under Dr. Jaime C. Cabarles Jr., Dean of the CPU-CARES and the Project Leader of the said center. The branding expanded to various social media platforms established by Dr. Cabarles and his team. The website for Philippine Native Chicken, which can be found at, was launched in the first quarter of 2022. It is the official website of the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken, where it tackles various agendas focused on and interconnected with the local fowl of the country. 


The Development


During the heightened implementation of the CPU-CARES Personalized Learning and field verification trials of the technology packages for commercial production of native chicken from 2016 to 2018, the logo design was developed. The group of adult learners led by Ferlino Pasia and Dr. Jaime C. Cabarles Jr. conceptualized the logo design that will carry the ideals of the Research Center concurrently connected with the virtues nurtured by Central Philippine University to every learner enrolled in this institution. The goal was that the logo would carry the identity of being the epicenter of technology packages and the one-stop shop for the needs of the raisers, processors, and consumers of native chicken in the country. It was in the last quarter of 2018 when the official logo of Philippine Native Chicken was posted on its Facebook Page.


The Representation


The logo of Philippine Native Chicken resembles that of Central Philippine University. This means the Research Center is based at CPU, our mother institution, where we belong. At Central Philippine University, the rise of the Philippine Native Chicken Industry is symbolized by the chicken standing prominently on Panay Island within the logo, marking the transition from backyard to commercial-scale production in the country. The prominent color and shape of the logo on its inner and outer spheres represent the University that genuinely CARES for our Filipino farmers. 


In the symbolism of this station, the Core Values are represented by the rays of the rising sun. FAITH is the core value that exemplifies commitment, cooperation, trust, and confidence and is expressed in words and actions. STEWARDSHIP is an expression of service, accountability, culture, and outreaches of this Research Center. JUSTICE, as this Center is fair and equal in dealing with its stakeholders. EXCELLENCE in every undertaking we are doing. Our team is working its best to excel in various areas of the Philippine Native Chicken Industry value chain. These are the core values that the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken wanted to impart among our technology adopters. The smaller rays represent several individuals working behind us to boost the industry's realization. 


The Philippine Native Chicken in the logo proudly represents this Research Center as the industry's prime mover. Its gold and blue color scheme represents the CARES of CPU among the technology adopters, a commitment that never ceases. The yellow and orange colors depict positivity for the foreseen success towards the brighter future of the raisers of native chickens. The blue background further enhances the untiring sharing of the wisdom of the people behind this Research Center. 


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The Philippine Native Chicken Goes Global


With the pursuit of excellence in improving the local breed, the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken is actively engaging in partnerships with researchers from various countries to advance local chicken genetic potential. This collaborative effort is focused on further refining the economic traits of our native chickens to introduce specific genetic modifications that will render them resistant to avian influenza and tolerant to drought conditions. These genetic enhancements, with their potential to significantly boost the local economy, are expected to benefit the local economy and contribute to addressing common health concerns in humans by leveraging the natural properties of these resilient avian species.


Our second logo, displayed above, symbolizes the spirit of collaboration and openness at the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken. It represents our unwavering commitment to fostering cooperation, not just within the research community, but also with all stakeholders in the native chicken industry. This emblem is a testament to our dedication to expanding our efforts beyond research, into the realms of commercialization and practical application, for the benefit of the entire industry.


The previous logo captures the essence of the CPU Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken, illustrating its unwavering dedication to pioneering research and development. This commitment is rooted in the belief that continuous innovation is integral to meeting the evolving needs of chicken breeders and catering to the distinct demands of the niche market. Emphasizing the center's role as a catalyst for ongoing advancements, the logo is a visual testament to its enduring pursuit of excellence in poultry science and technology.