The Central Philippine University Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken is a pacesetter in the fields of research and the potential commercialization of products related to this local fowl.


I commend Dr. Jaime Cabarles, Jr., Dean of the College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences (CARES), for his bold vision and leadership. He has tirelessly worked alongside his colleagues, research assistants, and industry partners to highlight the importance of research on Philippine Native Chicken in creating a brighter landscape for academic education and a more sustainable future for the nation.


The four pillars of instruction, research, extension, and production lend credence to the fact that innovations taking place in the academe have a wide-ranging impact on society.


Join us as we dream big, work hard, and pray diligently—to the end that God will bless the works of our hand and everything we do at Central Philippine University will bring glory and honor to Him.




"The Mission of Central Philippine University is to carry out a program of spiritual, intellectual, moral, scientific, technological, and cultural training, and allied studies under influences which strengthen Christian faith, build up character and promote scholarship, research and community service."