The Central Philippine University Research Center for Product Development is a dedicated facility that focuses on developing and improving local fowl commercialization technologies in the country. The center is committed to researching and implementing cutting-edge advancements to ensure local fowl production, processing, and distribution meet international standards. This includes the introduction of innovative technologies, such as automated feeding and monitoring systems, advanced breeding techniques, and efficient processing methods. By doing so, the center aims to enhance the competitiveness of local fowl in the global market while also contributing to the sustainable development of the local poultry industry.

These developments were realized due to the contributions of each stakeholder. For example, each academic year, the learners enrolled in research and the graduating students from the esteemed CPU College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences make noteworthy, commendable contributions. Their hard work and dedication generate various components that, when combined, produce several cutting-edge technologies. These novel technologies have the potential to revolutionize the fields of agriculture and environmental sciences. The CPU College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences curriculum is designed to equip students with the latest research tools and techniques, enabling them to contribute to the field and positively impact society.

Furthermore, technology development is a collaborative effort involving various individuals' input. Every raiser's contribution was meticulously evaluated to ensure their ideas and insights were incorporated into the development process. This approach allowed for the creation of both practical and adaptable technology, catering to its users' diverse needs. By taking into account the viewpoints of different contributors, the final product is more likely to meet the expectations of its intended audience and address the challenges faced by the industry.