The Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken was founded on December 23, 2011, with the commencement of the project "Development and Distribution of Supplemental Feeds for Free-Range Native Chicken of Western Visayas." This project was a collaborative effort between Central Philippine University and the Department of Science and Technology, with both parties contributing funds to the initiative. Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, former University President, was instrumental in securing the counterpart fund for the project through the Committee on Finance of CPU. The project aimed to develop and distribute supplemental feeds that could improve the health and productivity of free-range native chickens in Western Visayas. The establishment of the Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken marked a significant milestone in the study and development of technology packages for the commercial production of native chicken breeds in the Philippines.

        Since its establishment, the Research Center for Philippine Native Chicken has made significant progress in improving the production of native chickens. In addition to the initial center, two more centers have been established to further enhance the technology development and marketing processes. The first one is the Research Center for Product Development, which is dedicated to developing the necessary inputs for the commercial production of native chickens. This includes researching and testing various feeds, supplements, and other inputs that can improve the quality and quantity of chicken production. The second center is the Technology Business Center, responsible for commercializing the technologies developed by the previous two centers. This involves creating viable business models for the technologies, marketing them to potential buyers, and scaling up production to meet demand. Together, these centers are helping to create a more sustainable and profitable native chicken industry.

            The people behind these Research Centers are the following: